VIDEO: Peace Divided

As part of my Masters I researched, produced, directed and edited a short documentary about reconciliation in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Shot on location in Sarajevo and Mostar the film explores the barriers facing… Continue reading

‘A darkness that can swallow up your life’

I was recently asked to write an article about living with Bipolar Disorder by the excellent Time to Change Wales for the Western Mail. It was published a couple of weeks back. For… Continue reading

PHOTOS: Dubrovnik

A few pictures from Dubrovnik in Croatia (known by many as Kings Landing in Game of Thrones).

PHOTOS: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Some pictures from Sarajevo and Mostar.  

Ukraine Crisis: A new Cold War?

Masked men in militaristic uniforms pace in front of hastily erected barricades in the Eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk. Meanwhile members of the Ukrainian navy call their loved ones from a ship surrounded… Continue reading

VIDEO: Childhood

As part of my citizen media module at Cardiff University I was asked to produce a short video exploring one aspect of my life (using photographs, video and commentary). My film ‘Childhood’ explores my… Continue reading

VIDEO: Living History

As part of my Masters course I was asked to produce a freestyle four-minute documentary on a topic of my choice. Living History is about Medieval re-enactment society the Cardiff Castle Garrison. I’m… Continue reading

PHOTOS: Natural History Museum

Dinosaurs and pretty rocks!

PHOTOS: Caerphilly Castle

Just a few pictures on a rainy December day.

Is journalism more dangerous for women?

Are female journalists at greater risk of sexual violence than their male counterparts? Beautiful, dangerous, exciting – this is the picture Liz Perkins, defence correspondent for the South Wales Evening Post, paints of… Continue reading