Who will the next Archbishop of Canterbury be?

When Dr Rowan Williams announced his intention to stand down as Archbishop of Canterbury in March, the long process of finding his replacement began. The end is now almost in sight, with a… Continue reading

Magical Mystery Tour

This Sunday I set out on an adventure in my little Scarlett ZiZi (my car) on a  magical mystery tour. I had summery music (and later an Agatha Christie play) on the radio,… Continue reading

PHOTOS: Some pictures from the Fringe

This summer I went to the Edinburgh Fringe for the first time. It was fantastic, and even though I only went for the weekend I had a great time. As well as visiting… Continue reading

PHOTOS: Tatton Park (Ice stitches)

I recently visited Tatton Park gardens in north Cheshire – and as it was a sunny, end of summer, afternoon I took my camera. Look out for more traditional photographs soon – here… Continue reading

Ancient Rome’s maidens – who were the Vestal Virgins?

For more than 1,000 years Rome’s Vestal Virgins, a group of six hand-picked women, held unparalleled positions of status as some of the city’s most senior religious leaders. They had rank and a… Continue reading

PHOTOS: Angkor Wat (ICE stiches)

These are big pictures from the Angkor World Heritage site in Siep Reap, Cambodia. They have been stitched together using Microsoft ICE. A rather nifty piece of freeware that allows you to create… Continue reading

A very belated update

I have to apologise to my readers (all five of you!) I have been incredibly remiss in updating this blog. Since moving to the north I have had a number of mini adventures,… Continue reading

Cathedral-licker Lawrence Edmonds heads for Wales

Lawrence Edmonds is on a mission to lick every Anglican cathedral in the UK He is a man on a mission. On Thursday 30 August, Lawrence Edmonds will visit and lick his 46th… Continue reading

TRAVEL SCRAPBOOK: The Littlest Mermaid

Another update from the Travel Scrapbook this time it’s about my first sleeper train and an adventure in search of a mermaid…. Sleeping Carriages and Mermaids – February 2nd 2007 I left Amsterdam at… Continue reading

PHOTOS: Angkor, Cambodia

Last summer I had the pleasure of visiting Siem Reap in Cambodia, below are just a few of my pictures from the Angkor temple complex.