Hand-painted nonetheless. All part of a bigger, longer term experiment. PS. I promised I’d blog more didn’t I?

VIDEO: Stick man, or why tripods and small movements are important

Another day another play. Again very basic animation. Clearly I need a tripod, consistent light and a lot more patience for this animation malarky! stick man from Jayne Lutwyche on Vimeo.   Still… Continue reading

VIDEO: Animated duck (basic)

I’ve been having a play with the camera, some plasticine and movie maker. The result is a very, very basic duck animation. animatiion-duck from Jayne Lutwyche on Vimeo.

PHOTOS: Chester Zoo in the snow

Just a few pictures from a recent trip to Chester Zoo in the snow. I hope you like them. The animals, unsurprisingly, looked rather cold or were hiding in the warm! I’d love… Continue reading

Why are there seven days in a week?

A week made up of seven days is part of our modern global culture, but its origins date back to ancient civilisation. The Greeks gave us democracy, the Romans bridges and roads but… Continue reading

Io Saturnalia!

Is how we celebrate Christmas down to the Romans? It could well be… Did the Romans invent Christmas? “Io Saturnalia!” Two thousand years ago this was the seasonal greeting which would have chimed… Continue reading

Analysis: Witches and pagans

The words ‘pagan’ and ‘witch’ have meant different things to different people throughout history. Pagan is a catch-all term for pre-Christian religions. Modern Paganism is based on a revival of some of these.… Continue reading

Pagan beliefs: nature, druids and witches

Thousands of pagans travel to Stonehenge every year to celebrate the Summer and Winter solstices   Almost 57,000 people in England and Wales identify themselves as Pagan, according to the 2011 census, making… Continue reading

Women bishops – a century of struggle

Jayne on women bishops: Women Bishops: a century long struggle for recognition The rejection of women bishops by the general synod of the Church of England is the latest twist in a long… Continue reading

Bridges, beers and Bruges

A long over due update. In September I and my fabulous sister jumped on a Eurostar (well jumped on a coach, then a Euroostar, then another train) to visit Bruges (we then went… Continue reading